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          Visit and Discover

          St. Thomas More’s campus visit program gives prospective students the opportunity to experience a day in the life of an STM student. For an entire school day, interested students shadow a current STM student, learning more about the average day at St. Thomas More. Students meet their potential classmates, attend classes in their areas of interest, and receive personal tour of our building, including our newly renovated Learning Commons and gymnasium. Parents are encouraged to meet with STM administrators, including our principal and dean of academics, when dropping off or picking up their student on the day of their shadow visit.

          Campus visits run from 7:40am until 2:45pm on most Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (dates are listed below request form). All visitors must wear a mask.

          If you are not comfortable with your student shadowing, STM also offers tours of the building to parents. Please contact Director of Admissions Tony Mane at [email protected] to schedule a tour.

          If you already have an account in the STM Admissions Portal, please click here to schedule your Official Campus Visit. If you do not have an account and are not ready to apply for admission, please fill out the form.

          Campus Visit Dates

          September 17, 2020

          September 22, 2020

          September 24, 2020

          September 25, 2020

          September 29, 2020

          October 6, 2020

          October 8, 2020

          October 13, 2020

          October 15, 2020

          October 16, 2020

          October 20, 2020

          October 22, 2020

          October 23, 2020

          October 29, 2020

          October 30, 2020

          Questions about visiting STM?

          Tony Mane (TM ’06)
          Recruitment Director
          (414) 481-8370 x127 |

          Estrella Luciano
          Admissions Coordinator, habla Español
          (414) 481-8370 x127 |

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